Membership goal for 2021-2022

Proud People of OMONOIA,
We are making this announcement as we have successfully reached the 400 members for the current season. Our initial goal of 450 memberships is really close and we are sure that we’ll surpass it shortly. During the general meeting in December after presenting the team financials we took the decision to raise the goal for memberships to 550. This number is surely a challenge but with an effort from everyone, it is realistic.
We are calling on every last proud OMONOIA fan, we do understand the hardships of today’s society, but we should all proudly stand next to our child (club) in order to allow it to continue its rebellious way since ’48.
48 Euros to become a member of this Club, it’s the bare minimum that each and every one of us should be contributing towards this idea. We are the owners, the fans, and the sponsors of this club from the start to ’till the end.
We have 4 months till the end of the season to smash the goal of 550 renewed membership accounts. If you have any questions please contact the membership committee.
We would like to thank each and every one of you for what you’ve already contributed to this idea.
With deep respect and regards,
Membership committee