Gw23 Information

For gameweek 23 our team will be welcoming Achyronas Liopetriou at 17:00 in “Ammochostos – Epistrofi” stadium!
The game will be broadcasted live from Cytavision Cyta!
The reasons for playing the game in Ammochostos are:
We made an effort for our team to find a stadium that can host first division night games but our efforts did not bear any fruits up to now for any stadium within Nicosia.
As our team needed to register a stadium meeting those criteria we made an appeal towards the board of Nea Salamina and we would like to thank them for allowing us to use their stadium.
We would like to remind our People that no matter the inconvenient day and time we need to show our presence and fill the stadium’s main entrance to push our team towards the win.
By The People
For The People