Che always in our heart


54 years ago Ernesto Che Guevara was murdered by the Bolivian military who was poisoned by American imperialism and the CIA. Che Guevara the individual who at the age of 39 fought battles that made him immortal and still keep his flame burning on the side of all class struggle around the globe.

The imperialist murderers thought they could kill ideas. With the bullet, they may have ended the mortal life of Che, but they made Him and His ideals immortal.

The struggle to demolish the rotten system of people exploiting people with the highlight the triumph the Cuban Revolution and his input on the initial development of the newly built socialist society on the Caribean island. A revolutionary communist, patriot and internationalist, anti-imperialist fighter, rebel, doctor, minister, and worker example… He gave his last battle and although injured he didn’t kneel before the enemy of the people.

The capitalistic viciousness inspired Him to fight to overthrow the system using as His banner and gun the ideals of Marxism and Leninism. Utilising normal guns as well as anything that could enhance and aid the class struggle fight, such as his famous quote “football is not just a game, it is a weapon of the revolution”.

Che like other comrades is always with us. This is not restricted to just our terraces presence, but He accompanies us in every struggle and action no matter its size. His example remains indelible and relevant since the injustices that driven Che Guevara to lead the fight of the people are still present today. As long as there is injustice and exploitation the same struggle remains relevant for the people and their movements.

“Hasta la victoria siempre”. The chant that Che gave to the struggle. Always until Victory. Something that is completely applicable to our Club, not only relatable to the team but to the rest of our actions as well. Actually, this chant gave birth to our Club by the people for the people, against those who wanted to surrender and sell out our ideals in favour of the big capital, while they were cynically holding Che. Sell out OMONOIA.

We never accepted any form of surrender. Together with the people we roared  HASTA LA VICTORIA SIEMPRE and People’s OMONOIA became a reality within a short period that we lost the most valuable “thing” we had.

Educational Action Committee of People’s Athletic Club OMONOIA 29M