Spreading smiles with Skevi

Spreading smiles
with Skevi♥️
As we have already announced the center space within our official Kit was granted to us by our main sponsor “Bet-on-Alfa” in order to utilise it by promoting a foundation of our choice, which as we announced will be   “ Δώσε του κόσμου γέλιο – Σκεύη Οδυσσέως“.
After our beloved Skevi passed away a year ago, we would like to honor her memory by contributing to her lifelong work.
Skevi’s work in society had as a goal to ease the pain of those who got hurt, to support the weak, and to liberate the oppressed. Those were the ideals that made Skevi join Gate 9 (Official) and our Club.
Thus Skevi “ Δώσε του κόσμου γέλιο – Σκεύη Οδυσσέως” will be at the center of our official jersey, as a reminder last year our club was prohibited from using Skevi’s portrait by the football association. Once again we would like to thank our official sponsor Bet on Alfa who made this possible.
*26/09 19:00 at Makario stadium we’ll be facing Olympias for a crucial league match aiming for the 3 points. Everybody should be present.
People’s Athletic Club
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