Team Injury update


Unfortunately during the current season to date, we have 11 injuries in just 5 game weeks and this announcement aims to give an end to conversations as to what is causing this.

No matter how weird this may sound none of the 11 injuries is in relation to a muscular injury which is something that proves the excellent work that is done by the technical team and particularly the gymnasts of the team to whom we share our full confidence in regards to their work.

Analytically see below information for each injury which is proof of what we mentioned above:

Paris Mavroftis: rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament and meniscus
Charalambos Kouzaris: anterior cruciate ligament rupture
Leonidas Konomis: anterior cruciate ligament rupture
George Spyrou: avulsion fracture
George Loizou: Fibula fracture
Aggelos Chrysostomou: Heel fracture
Andreas Artemiou: Abdominal blow (collision mechanism)
Andreas Antoniou: Sprained ankle
Achilleas Sakkis: Sprained ankle
Pantelis Konomis: Pelvis injury
Apollonas Vasiliou: External ligament injury

Our family would like to wish for everyone to get well soon and we will be waiting for their return to the pitch strong and in good health.

Of course, the number of injured players makes things harder for our Club, as we have the lowest budget within the 2nd division, but we are Club that was born through hardships and we will make our best to get through this as well.

Moving onwards united and focused for the Sunday game where we aim to get the 3 points.