OMONOIA Stands In Solidarity With The Striking Port Workers


Coordinating Committee Announcement:

We stand unreservedly with the right of all striking workers at the Limassol port and support their just demand for recalling the dismissals of their colleagues from the management company.

Class solidarity is an important weapon for us in the struggle of all workers for better living conditions, always in connection with the wider struggle to overthrow the barbaric system of people being exploited by other people.

In addition to the devastating effects of the disease called capitalism, it is worth highlighting the effects of privatization to the detriment of workers and the people. We, who have experienced the privatization and the sell-out of our club, can only emphasize that the privatizations are against the working class and the common good and are another policy that aims to strengthen the ruling capital from the bourgeois state that is privatizing the profits of the ruling capitalists and nationalizes their losses, as evidenced by the rescue operations for various banks across the world.

Our solidarity with the striking port workers was expressed recently with a banner during the friendly match of People’s OMONOIA that took place in Aradippou. With that said if the company continues its outrageous stance and does not at least suspend the dismissals, we will hold a joint symbolic event in solidarity with striking workers outside the port of Limassol.

Call to all our members and friends to remain vigilant, despite the difficult days, to be ready to participate in the possible action(s) in solidarity with the striking workers if and when this takes place.

Coordinating Committee PAC OMONOIA 29M ​​- GATE 9 – CULTURAL INSTITUTE 1948